Award, Patent & Certification

Certification and patent

DesiKhan will create innovative and high value products
that are demanded by the market and that exceed customers’ exacting standards
by means of ceaseless R&D and efforts.

Major Awards

DesiKhan was appointed as the Best Innovative Supplier 2019 by Hyundai Motor Company in 2020, was certified for a high-tech product (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), was appointed as a high-tech enterprise (Ministry of Science and ICT), awarded the prize of best patent product(in Chemistry) in 2019. It also was appointed as an Inno-Biz company, as a promising small & medium business company and as a venture business in 2018. DesiKhan will be reborn as a company that contributes to humanity through ceaseless efforts and customer satisfaction management.

Major Research Performance


Developed a high-performance moisture absorbent for industrial use


Developed an absorbent for automotive lamps


Developed a non-chloride high-performance
anti-corrosion desiccant for aluminum


Developed a high-performance
desiccant for electronics


Developed a moisture absorbent for automotive
lamps of next-generation automobiles

Research Projects Performed

  • 2015-2016Small business innovation research project
  • 2017-2018Technology development project for industry-research institute only
  • 2019-2020Business energy enhancement project for automobile component businesses
  • 2019KRICT stepping-stone project
  • 2019Reliability-based application support project